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today i woke up at.. 4:00 in the freaking morning, im super tired. I had to do my homework, blah. i had to write research notes blah blah blah. last night i had to paint this lizard thing for art, I did but didnt finish the damn thing because it wouldnt dry so i couldnt paint with different colors so im gunna hand it in tomarrow. o well if its late. oh fun stuff happening, not really. joe asked me to winterfest, i said no bc i think dances are lame. everyone has been telling me he likes and then when i went to my bible study hes like meghan i missed you, now i see him at least twice a week at church and about 6 times during the course of the day at school, it was wednesday si i did see him that day but w/e, so then he jumps on me (i was sitting in the couch) and hes like 6 feet tall and on the swim team so the only thing i could say when colleen kept saying "you know you enjoyed it" was he was kinda heavy. lmfao that funny. he did this twice and then party boy danced "on or by" me, josh was doing the same to colleen, lol. and then after asked things got...weird... its different when i talk to him not as much "fun". yesterday i took bus 12 instead of 11 bc i didnt feel like walking 20 minutes home and joe's on that bus, and the only thing he said to me was like hey meghan in a lame way, he just sat there with his headphones on staring at me.lol. so when he got off the bus he like nudged/hit my arm (like he always does instead of talking) and i said bye but eleana was getting off at the same time and i was talking to her earlier, when i said bye joe thought i was talking to eleana, i kinda was, so he just kept walking, untill i said bye joe and then i think he spoke, maybe a bye im not sure. lol. thats like 30 fuckin commas lmao. w/e i told u all i have to tell so later
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why couldn't it be a 4 day

i dont want to go to school tomarrow. this sucks. BLAH.oh not only do i have to deal with this bitch tonya cole but i also have to change my bus. SHIT this sucks. Im gunna prolly be taking bus 11, ne one on that bus?? im gunna miss my old one but its better than being sat on hippopotamous tonya. lmao. ha. ooo i drew some people over my suspension break. i KAN draw. theres one midget lookin guy and my isiter said one looks like a stoner and the other guy looks kinda like the lead singer of marroon 5.lnao. but the girl is sooooooo gorgeous but she kinda looks slutty haha lol. at least i had some fun last night woohooo.
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I got suspended on wednesday!! oOoOoOoO I'M BADASS now.lol. it was all bc i stabbed someone with a pen. it was my favorite pen too, its orange. I got a three day so i wont be back to school till tuesday. WOoHoO. i've got a lot of homework though. im planning on getting the girl who i stabbed expelled from school :) i know ur wondering why. well shes a fat ugly bitch who has been harrassing me for a long long time. shes got to be the only person i hate. she's even tried to set me on fire. oOoOoOoO nikki let me borrow her cds woot woot i copied em all. shes got all of my cds too. i think she got the better deal bc she lent me 5 sdc and shes got like 30 of mine. o well im still happy. i cleaned and rearranged my romm today. ha everyone else has to go to school on monday and they had to go today and thursday. ha losers. lol jk. god im tired. and thirsty. w/e i g2g. ttyl LoSeRz!! ¿Que pasa?
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gosh!! its 5:39 in the morning!

im really hungry right now and i didnt have dinner once again. so im gunna have some cereal and put banna's in it....yumm! im still pissed og at my mom. BITCH. so yeah i have to do this play today..blah blah. i dont think i wrote it write but o well. w/e i gotz to go. ttyl

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i feel so much hate right now

my mom is such a bitch. today was the last day of me being grounded and having to do the dishes for a week, she always makes me do the dishes as punishment. today was the only day i missed a time and it was because my dad felt so anxious to do them and did, so who got in trouble i did, wtf. so she told me that i couldnt go to youth group bc i missed doing the dishes (a pot, bowl, spoon and knife) and i hadnt done my homework yet, which by the way i finished before it was time to leave. so then i asked sarah to wait for me to straighten every thing up and she's like no u cant go. WTF. its the only time i go out and it has to do with GOD why cant i go, if anything tell me i cant go on the computer or take my televison privlages away not my only escape from my life. seriously how controlling r u going to be. i cant even go out during the week so the weekend is my time! w/e

oh and i had to write a stupid ass play all by myself bc i was told to write the narraration part but guess what no one told me what the play was about!! now how am i supposed to write the narraration without the bare minimum of knowing what to even write ABOUT!?!?!!?? GOSH!!! so i wrote the whole damn thing bc i dont want a bad grade. damn school. my digital camera wont work either all of my batteries are low, so no more power. and the computer is being all retarded and wont let me play my beloved sims2 or anyother computer game. so what do i do all day and week i listen to music. i took out all my old cds i miss them sooo much.! i remember when Our Lady pEACE WAS THE FIRST BAND I EVER LISTENED TO. I wish they were still popular. i also added a few things to my info page so ch-ch-check it out!! http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=linkin3790&mode=full
i hope the url works if not check it manually. lazy ass.
oh i just found out that nikki and brittney on gonna be taking the same ride to school as me. tim agreed to giving them a ride every morning with me too. yay more company. (that was enthusiastic) wow todays a long journal entry. i dont update so much any more.
oh i gave up my linkinpark wristband its starting to look ugly so now i wear the jelly braclots colleen got me on my birthday. ha that was a memorable birthday. remember tim and colleen how much fun that was? lol.

im really tired. emily told me she would be online and talk to me "so we could catch up" but she's a no show. maybe next time. we used to be such good friends i havnt seen her since her birthday party in july and that wasnt exactly fun, for me at least i felt well i dont know a little left out and alienated because everyone i used to know very well changed a lot. I dont get along with change very well especially when i cant always change for the better. now im going on and on.lol. well i gots to go. ttyl
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eleana's gunna burn her slipknot cd for me (hopefully) im really bored right now. joe was on the bus today i wish he would of told me instead of just like play punching me on the elbow i would have talked to him. there was a fight yesterday...blah big deal. people keep telling me i should fight demma b/c no 1 likes her and it would be funny to watch her get her ass kicked....... by ME!!! Maybe thats cruel but she brought it on to her self. If she diddnt act like such a wigger i wouldnt have that much of a problem with her but she is the most annoying person EVER!!! w/e. i have to do this stupid play in inglesh clase...blah x5. i dont update that much nemore, deal wit it, jk. im pathetic.!. Yo gusto espanol clase! oh i have swimming class its ok but i dont like the having to dry my hair and getting dry skin part. (hahaha dry skin that sounds hilarious) i need to write about better topics! w/e peace out ttyl T G I F F
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